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"goodnight moon", Jimmie James, 2013, 36" x 36" acrylic painting on canvas

you ain’t even ready


"the escape plan", Jimmie James, 2013, 36” x 36” acrylic painting on canvas


"the nature of loving one", Jimmie James, 2013, 11" x 14" acrylic painting on cradled wood









Meet the next Republican candidate for Presidency of the United States


"What’s with all these DEMOCRATS touching MY STUFF??!?!?"


We all know who the Democrat Nominee is


Hillary Kitten


I find it hilarious that, in seriousness the actual comparisons are backwards to the reality. Does anyone remember that conservatism is much closer to the unikitty anarchy of the political spectrumas compared to how close liberalism is to the “one small group of people controlling both the government and the business with a plastic fist ” like present business.
I normally don’t comment but in this case the comparisons are literally backwards from the truth.

President Business is a an anti-immigrant, corporatist fascist who wants everything to remain the same forever and fears that the ousider will destroy the harmony he’s worked so hard to create, fueled by the oil industry (Octan - which used to be be actually Shell in terms of Lego products) and employs a police state and embraces a philosophy of “the nail that stands up will be pounded down”. President Business isn’t a ‘small group of people controlling both government and business’ - he is literally business. He is literally a stereotype of a slash and burn CEO to whom “nothing is personal, its just business”.

Unikitty’s beliefs are inherently anarchic and inconsistent. There are no rules except there are rules and they are such. There is no government except there is a Princess. There are a council of disparate and different people running a council, from all corners of society. One of the heroes is both physically challenged and black, one of them (Unikitty herself) has mental health issues and witnesses as big business destroys her culture, two of the group of heroes are female - one of whom is overtly feminine, the other is a driven, politically active punk. The hero portrayed as the most self-oriented (Batman) is also rich. If we’re going to talk about how conservative they are, lets remember that Metalbeard is a wounded veteran and how much American conservatives look after those guys.

Conservatism is opposed to change. It is unconcerned with social issues. It is pro-big businessIt considers the outsider a threat to social harmony. Lord Business doesn’t represent government controlling business but the other way around - business controlling government. Business treats people as a means to an end - profit - not an end in and of themselves. The heroes of the movie are from every walk of life and are trying to bring about social change and the freedom of people to mix and innovate to their hearts content.

But hey, if that means some kind of libertarian dream to you (which, looking at Rand, is impossible - as your freewheeling objectivist hero needs people below them who are essentially out of the loop to profit off of - they just want nobody above them) then go nuts. I’m sure there’s free room to interpret Unikitty as John Galt and the master builders as being the ‘enlightened individuals’ that Rand rambled about - though that precludes Emmett from becoming one because there’s the note in her philosophy that you don’t just ‘become’ one of these people, sheep are always sheep. If anything, it shows that these ‘enlightened individuals’ can’t make something useful together - they have to work together instead of pursuing their own personal interests to be able to overcome the threats they face. Hardly “every man for himself” libertarianism. In the end, people are free to do as they please so long as they don’t hurt others - this is liberally minded, not libertarian. Libertarianism stops before the “so long as”. The rule of law, to quote Hammurabi on this, is to ensure that “the strong shall not harm the weak”.

I don’t want to dip into the logical fallacy of going “Oh its just a toy” or something but the movie wasn’t that hard to read. Thanks to Rand, the right seems to be able to claim any creative and inspired individual for their own political motivations - one would assume a similar reading of The Muppet movie from a few years ago, if you squint really hard, could be cast as being similar “randian enlightened individuals” in a metaphorical battle with “the obstructive and greedy state symbolized by Tex Richman” when, in actuality, its about a mishmash of people trying to get something from someone who is both rich and selfish. These are simple stories of an underdog unfairly treated by someone with all the power and as nations fail it is not the government who holds all the power but unfortunately corporations. As such, they make easy (and dare I say it appropriate because holy shit united fruit company, the business conspiracy, bhopal and many other instances where corporations fuck up the world and then divorce themselves of responsibility) bad guys.

Normally, I don’t get deeply into political discussions but some things get under my skin. I’ve had just enough crazy on this score from my brother, proclaiming that “the nazis were left wing” and “immigrants just won’t mix in!”. Y’all can’t complain about multiculturalism and then say “this villain who represents big business and hates multiculturalism is totally the left!”

glitch text mouseover tutorial


here’s a tutorial for how to use my glitch text scripts (as seen in my glitch text generator and text art canvas) to create cool mouseover effects on your site. i wrote the tutorial on my site rather than on tumblr because that way i could include actual working examples right in the tutorial. check it out!

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Bad Boy Bort Art Print by Ophelia Sniffen | Society6


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Mama Cat - another reclaimed figurine (2010)


"delicious destiny", Jimmie James, 2012, 12" x 12" acrylic painting w/ pencil on plywood

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